Our Story

Lulurove gives brand owners the ability to expand their distribution needs while retaining the ability to evolve as if it was their own operation.


We are a global trading firm with a trade route that carries only the best of breed of selective products from around the world, offering our end consumers new shopping experiences including customized bundling and manufacturing. lulurove.com is owned by Canadian Digital Company for General Trading – Kuwait, License Number: 416250.


To offer the diverse experience of the world’s luxury food, clothing, collectibles and consumables with guaranteed quality and quantities of supply that can be subscribed to, and we want to disrupt the international consumer supply chain business, Veni Vidi Cepi.

What & How?

Our online supply portal is being filled out by local products producers from around the world, we qualify it for on boarding our trade route by our local representatives in New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia, China, India, Arabian Gulf, Jordan, Egypt, Turkey, Germany, Morocco, Canada, USA, Cuba and Latin America.

The qualified products will then be visible on our marketplace that will manage both the supply and demand from attraction to fulfillment, individually for our consumers and products.