Improve the appearance of your lashes with RapidLash®. This innovative high-performance formula promotes healthy, natural lashes! Lashes are nourished to protect from damaging environmental elements and premature fallout. Vital proteins, vitamins and moisturizing ingredients join forces to help rejuvenate delicate lashes and improve the overall appearance.

Suitable even with eyelash extensions and/or contact lenses
Fragrance free and paraben free
Clinically proven to be safe and effective
Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested
No animal testing

6 Key Ingredients:
Hexatein® 1 complex, a unique blend of lash enhancing ingredients exclusive to RapidLash®, specifically designed to target eyelashes from every angle
Polypeptides: comprised of beneficial amino acids, help support more youthful-looking appearance of lashes
Biotin (pro-vitamin B7 / vitamin H / coenzyme R), an essential factor in maintaining healthier-looking lashes
Panthenol (vitamin B5) helps coat the lashes and seals in moisture and nourishment for improved overall appearance
Amino acids, help replenish the building blocks of lashes by boosting the protein structure and resulting in healthier-looking lashes
Soybean oil, rich in vitamins, helps impart sheen and lustre to lashes making them appear lush and beautiful
Pumpkin seed extract, high in zinc, EFA’s, amino acids, vitamins and phytosterols; helps improve the appearance of lashes

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 3 cm

Rapid Lash

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